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Today, Longstar is the global market leader for hard surface Sublimatable products in the SIGN industry. Longstar supplies more than five hundred customers in 60 countries during the past seven years. For the normal Sublimation Aluminum sheet, our exportation quantity is over 4,000,000pcs in the year 2016.

We believe, in everywhere of the world, you may find Longstar Sublimation products. Maybe some inserts on the trophies and awards, plaques on the wall, instruction plates in the business center......

We offer a full range of colors and different surface finishes, like satin silver, satin gold and satin copper, brushed silver, brushed gold and brushed copper, titanium silver and titanium gold, pearlized silver, pearlized gold, and pearlized white, mirror silver and mirror gold, gloss white and matte white, double-sided bright silver, sparkle silver, etc.

We never stop developing and adding new offerings to our product line. BeautySub is the brand of our HD (Hi-definition) Sublimation Aluminum and MDF sheet. We manufacture blank products, and all our products are coated with an eco-friendly layer in our own factory. If you compare our products with others, you'll be so surprised to find BeautySub is the highest quality but with lower prices.


If you want to start HD sublimation business, we've confidence to help you grow your business and sustain the sublimation industry.

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